1.25" LRGB Filter Set

Product description

The transmission properties of the LRGB filters are optimized for CCD astrophotography with different models of cameras (ATIK, ZWO ASI, SBIG, etc.) Our LRGB set allows to take images in correct colour for all types of objects. Where other brands make strange compromises, we do the best colour reproduction possible. Both stars as well as objects that emit only in spectral lines, are reproduced in their true colors.These filters are properly sized for our ultra thin motorized filter wheel. The set consists of 4 interference filters for Red, Green, Blue and a Luminance filter for parfocal imaging. Each filter also includes an IR block. Clear aperture is 24mm.

1.25" LRGB Filter Set - ZWOASI - SBIG - ATIK


– Optimized for CCD astrophotography
– Allows to take images in correct colour for all types of objects

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